Welcome to AFFIRM!

This page addresses many of the common questions that new members have when they first visit AFFIRM. If your question is not addressed, please feel free to contact us or call our office at 703.778.4646 for live support.

If you are not yet a member and are interested in joining, please visit Why You Should Join AFFIRM and contact our office at for a membership invoice.

An account can be set up going here or by contacting the AFFIRM office.

Your User Name

Your AFFIRM user name is the email address you used to set up the account. Your user name can be viewed any time at your account page.

Your Password

When you first join AFFIRM, your default password is set as your full last name in lowercase. That is, if your last name is 'Jones', then 'jones' will be your default password. If your last name is 'de la Cruz' then 'de la cruz' will be your default password.

You can reset your password at your account page.

AFFIRM passwords are case-sensitive.

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