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The Mission Is Simple:

To unite government, industry, and academia to collaborate and innovate.


The Association for Federal Information Resources Management (AFFIRM) is a 501(c)3 non-profit, volunteer, and educational organization whose overall purpose is to improve the management of information, and related systems and resources, within the Federal government.

Founded in 1979, and based in the Washington, DC, area, AFFIRM's members include information resource management professionals from the Federal, academic, and industry sectors. AFFIRM has a long-standing record of developing relationships and collaborating with other organizations that also focus on connecting government, industry, and academia for learning opportunities and other efforts.

In supporting this purpose, AFFIRM seeks to provide its members with professional development opportunities in three key focus areas.

IT Education
AFFIRM supports Information Technology educational opportunities by conducting seminars and related educational sessions where AFFIRM handles the entire event, by sponsoring seminars as part of larger events where AFFIRM coordinates the seminar content, and by promoting worthy events in the Information Technology field being conducted by others.

AFFIRM provides networking opportunities to its members by providing one of the largest virtual forums of IT professionals serving the Federal community.

Interaction with Policymakers
AFFIRM offers its members the opportunity to influence the development of IRM and IT policy in the Federal arena by providing a venue for members to interact with key policy development organizations as individuals, and not as members of their respective employing organizations.

Value Proposition

AFFIRM brings people together in an open forum and environment to learn from one another—across federal agencies, industry, nonprofits, and academia. We educate and inform the federal IT community, and nurture and mentor the next generation of IT leaders to address high level IT and management issues.

AFFIRM focuses on senior management issues, from a multi-agency and functionally diverse perspective. We help our members gain a broader, more informed viewpoint in order to be more effective and do a better job managing the IT portfolios within their organizations.