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Board of Directors

AFFIRM 2022-2023 Elected Board

Leadership for AFFIRM is provided through a Board of Directors, comprised of both elected officers and appointed committee chairpersons. AFFIRM Board members speak as individuals and not in any way as representatives of their employers whether federal government agencies or in the private sector. Organizational affiliations are for identification purposes only.

mark krzysko headshot

Mark Krzysko

beth anne killoran headshot

VP - First
Beth Killoran


VP - Second
Stacie Alboum

peg hosky headshot

VP - Programs - Industry
Peg Hosky

Robin Gardner headshot

VP - Programs - Industry
Robin Gardner
CGI Federal

melissa bruce headshot

VP - Programs - Government
Melissa Bruce

bill pratt headshot

VP - Programs - Government
Bill Pratt

don fenhagan headshot

Treasurer - Industry - First
Don Fenhagen


Treasurer - Industry - Second
Stacy Riggs
Dynamic Integrated Services

Jonathan Alboum headshot

Secretary - Industry
Jonathan Alboum

Felecia Phillips-Welch bio-72dpi (1)

Secretary - Government
Felecia Phillips-Welch

AFFIRM 2022-2023 Appointed Board

Board Role



After Hours Bill Pratt Sandy Mestre, Anakim Consulting
Annual Awards Chair Shila Cooch Sanjay Sardar, ASRC Federal
Bill Rucker, Trustwave Government Solutions
Career Day Beth Anne Killoran Peg Hosky, FedInsider
Communications Sarah Moffat John Hosky, Hosky Communications Inc.
Deputy Programs Vera Ashworth Tanesia Barrow, Barrow Wise Consulting
Director: Past-President Jaclyn Rubino Art Chantker, Art & Ronnie Chantker Charitable Fund
Stacy Riggs, Dynamic Integrated Services
Education and Scholarships Pamela McCauley, Ph.D.
William Parker, Ph.D.
Shirelle Flamer-Ripetta, Sagittae Solutions LLC
Golf Tournament/Fundraising Beth Anne Killoran Paul DiRenzo
Governance and Bylaws Art Chantker, Art & Ronnie Chantker Charitable Fund
Government Membership
Liaison to AGA George DelPrete, Cherry Bekaert
NextGen Deirdre Murray, Deirdre Murray Consulting
Sponsorships Frank Lancaster, Fidelis Cybersecurity
Onelia Codrington, Performance Value Management (PVM)
Sustaining Partners Sandy Mestre, Anakim Consulting
Onelia Codrington, Performance Value Management (PVM)