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Grant Program

AFFIRM’s grant program supports nonprofit organizations that focus on STEM leadership and workforce development programs. Each year, AFFIRM awards grants to promote the continued education of well-deserving students. AFFIRM annually determines the dollar amount of grants based on financial contributions received by the organization.

Grants Guidelines and Process

  • AFFIRM grant awards are a one-time award
  • Grant awards require reporting on use of AFFIRM funds and participation in AFFIRM programming
  • Each year, nonprofit organizations are selected for a rigorous evaluation to ensure the organization’s mission and capabilities align with AFFIRM’s mission
  • Evaluation includes review of the organization’s mission, strategy, program expenses, administrative expenses, overall financial health, operating plan, programming, students impacted, and placement in STEM careers
  • An interview process will contribute to AFFIRM making a final decision on recipients
  • The nonprofit(s) receiving AFFIRM grants will be highlighted at the AFFIRM Leadership Awards Celebration

2021 Grant Recipient

Digital Harbor Foundation

Past Grant Recipients

  • Black Girls CODE
  • Hispanic Heritage Foundation
  • UrbanEd
  • Year Up
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