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Next Generation/Mirror Board

AFFIRM is thrilled to unveil its groundbreaking initiative, the “Next Generation/Mirror Board.” This initiative, which launched on October 1, 2023, aims to engage early-career professionals and volunteers with AFFIRM’s elected board “mentors” on strategic initiatives, fostering excellence and innovation in the field of IT.

The “Next Generation/Mirror Board” aligns seamlessly with AFFIRM’s mission to unite government, industry, and academia in collaborative efforts that shape the future of Federal IT. A program charter outlines clear goals and objectives for this initiative, emphasizing mentorship, education, and the nurturing of the next generation of IT professionals.

AFFIRM President Beth Killoran stated, “As the current president of AFFIRM, I am delighted to introduce the ‘Next Generation/Mirror Board’ initiative. It embodies our spirit of collaboration and underscores our dedication to fostering IT excellence in the Federal sector.”

Goals of the Initiative Include:

  • Building upon AFFIRM’s reputation as a Federal IT thought leader.
  • Educating, mentoring, and nurturing the “next era” of IT professionals.
  • Engaging Mirror Board selectees with AFFIRM’s senior executives, who will serve as mentors.
  • Producing valuable outputs, including projects and events tailored to AFFIRM’s needs and interests.

Former AFFIRM President, Mark Krzysko, initiated the Mirror Board program. He stated, “Having served as the former president of AFFIRM, I am thrilled to see the organization’s continued commitment to developing future leaders. The ‘Next Generation/Mirror Board’ initiative reflects AFFIRM’s dedication to innovation and education.”

During their one-year commitment, the Mirror Board selectees, handpicked by AFFIRM’s elected board members, will actively participate in one-on-one mentoring sessions with AFFIRM’s executive leaders. They will also be involved in various projects and activities, including spearheading programs, events, and more.

The Mirror Board initiative relies on an all-volunteer team, supported by the Potomac Management Resources Administrative Team. Selectees will adhere to AFFIRM’s policies and Code of Conduct guidelines, ensuring a productive and respectful environment.

Rising stars from government and industry will participate in the inaugural cohort program, free of charge, as a gesture of giving back to the community.

AFFIRM looks forward to the contributions of the selected individuals in shaping the future of Federal IT.