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Our volunteers are essential to the success of our organization.
Join a committee: make connections, make a difference!

Programs Committee - The Programs Committee meets monthly to plan the monthly speaker series webinars. We’re looking for leaders to brainstorm topics, help us find the best speakers, and promote these events. This is a great chance to influence the topics and meet new people.

After Hours Committee - AFFIRM hosts After Hours events with a joint panel of government and industry experts to discuss topics affecting the Federal IT community. These in-person events take place in casual setting where government and industry attendees can socialize, network, and make new connections. Join this committee to develop discussion topics and recruit sponsors and speakers for this collaborative event series.

Sustaining Partners Committee - AFFIRM’s Scholarships and Grants support STEM educational opportunities for students in the DC area, but we can’t do that without our Sustaining Partners. Join this committee to help us identify potential partners, reach out to the industry, and recruit and retain Sustaining Partners.

Government Membership Committee - Do you know people in the government who are making a positive difference? Help us recruit current and future leaders to join AFFIRM. We are focused on more than creating connections with government leadership; we’re creating programs, events, and education for the next generation of leaders. Join this committee and help us find, attract, and retain government members.

Sponsorship Committee - AFFIRM’s annual Golf and Tennis Tournament, stunning Leadership Awards, casual-but-engaging After Hours Programs, and our Speakers Series are possible through industry sponsorships. The Sponsorship and Sustaining Partners Committees work in lock-step to ensure that AFFIRM can produce these events. Join this committee to help us reach out to the industry, and recruit and retain sponsorships to support our events and our Scholarships and Grants program.

Golf and Tennis Tournament Committee - AFFIRM’s annual Golf and Tennis Tournament is a not-to-be-missed event and our largest Scholarships and Grants program fundraiser. Join this committee and help us plan this fantastic event. Committee members help secure sponsorships, discuss the format and activities for the day, and conduct outreach to encourage registration.

Leadership Awards Committee - Who doesn’t love award season? Every year we host the AFFIRM Leadership Awards, and we are looking for volunteers to help with securing nominations, reviewing the nominations, securing sponsorships, planning the event, and conducting outreach to encourage registration.

Scholarship/Education Committee - AFFIRM’s Scholarship and Education Committee evaluates scholarship applications, organizations, and institutions in the AFFIRM Scholarship and Grants program. Volunteers keep contact with grant/scholarship recipients to maximize their exposure to and participation in AFFIRM activities. Also, plan events targeted at the future workforce, including the Federal IT Career Workshop.